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Hector Laus and Keiko Kondo by JayBeanieMags Hector Laus and Keiko Kondo by JayBeanieMags

Ahh, I like how this turned out. Except for all the sketch marks and some shaded parts. Also, boobs are hard to draw. Even shading too.

Hector Laus  

-A Hawaiian boy who loves to play video games and has a good sense of humor. He does occasionally wear a beanie from time to time. His humor is half sarcastic and genuine and makes people laugh at in instant. Laus is not extremely popular, but he has good friends that he knows will be 'friends forever'. But before he met his friends, he was an pretty shy person. And he would never get into a fight. (Physically, to say.) Also, he doesn't really care about grades. Just when he wants to get a good grade.
-Age: 17
-Year: Junior
-Likes: Video games, making people laugh, helping out other people.
-Dislikes: Getting into fights, seeing fights, seeing someone sad, cakes, and donuts (Relevant to a story I'm going to be making).

Keiko Kondo

-A Japanese girl who moved out of Japan at the age of 10 due to her parents taking an interest of the U.S. She speaks full Japanese and fluent English, with the help of Hector Laus. Hector has been Keiko's friend since she moved to the States. She also enjoys the games that Hector likes. Basically, she pretty much has the same interests as Hector, with a few exceptions. She was also bullied when she was a little girl during her elementary school days before she came to the States. She likes being the smart one out of all her friends, and she's been smart ever since elementary.
-Age: 16
-Year: Junior
-Likes: Some American culture, video games, helping out other people, and studying.
-Dislikes: Bullying, fighting, and low grades.

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August 6, 2014
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